International Network of Hearts (INH) is a 501 c-3 non-profit organization based in San Diego that brings hope, safety and empowerment  to children recovering from human trafficking.

The Challenge

It may be hard for the citizens of countries like the United States and Mexico to face the reality that our children are being bought and sold into slavery in the 21st Century. But it happens every day. In fact, human trafficking is a local, regional and global epidemic that demands immediate attention. Learn more about human trafficking →

We Bring Hope

We bring hope, safety and empowerment to young girls who have been rescued from sexual slavery by:

  • Providing a confidential residential home where survivors can find hope and refuge from violence.
  • Creating a nurturing and structured environment where survivors can heal from years of trauma.
  • Giving survivors the necessary tools so they can achieve their highest potential.
  • Raising international awareness about the crime of human trafficking.
  • Providing training to law enforcement and other first responders in the identification of victims.
  • Building multi-agency protocols to improve the response to victims of human trafficking.

One of our goals is to develop an effective, sustainable model for other organizations and countries to replicate. The challenge is great and the workers are few, but if you could witness the joy of just one young girl who has been rescued from sexual slavery, you would understand completely.

If you would like more information on how to get involved, check out their website at

Check out a video here.